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At CHILA Inc. we seek to provide the best healthcare possible while respecting the practices and traditions of our surrounding communities.  As a result, we strive to "Blend Q'eqchi Mayan Traditions with Western medicine."


Q'eqchi Mayan Traditions



The CHILA, Inc. Model allows us to care for Chisec communities by engaging individuals in their own healthcare and wellbeing.


Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Health Education, Including Prevention  

  • Prenatal Care

  • Pediatrics

  • Women's Health

  • Family Medicine

  • Nutrition

  • Counseling

  • Q'eqchi Herbal Medicine 


With a Community Focus, our Primary Objectives Include:

  • A Traditional Q'eqchi Herbal Medicine Clinic operating once a week

  • treating Acute & Chronic Conditions, such as Tropical Diseases

  • Providing Health Education based on Prevention

  • Strengthing the existing Government Health Center, Centro de Salud, without duplicating services

  • Coordinating Speciality Care Efforts, including lab work, imaging, and Surgical Services

  • Providing Counseling for Prevalent Themes, Including Domestic Violence, Self Esteem Issues, & Reproductive Health

  • Providing all services in the native Maya Q'eqchi Language



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