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           A bit on Guatemala...

Guatemala, located south of Mexico, is the

most populous country in Central America.

Characterized by its steep volcanoes & vast

rainforests, the country remains rich in

natural resources with an innate beauty of

its own.



The Mayan Civilization

For many years, Guatemala served as the center of power for the Ancient Mayan Civilization. Persecution of its people began in the 16th century and continued into the 20th Century when Guatemala fell under the rule of cruel dictatorship. For the next 100 years, the Country experienced periodic wars, accompanied with many social and economic upheavals.


The Civil War

In 1960, a 36 year-long Civil War began. During this time, much of the Mayan population was massacred. Countless numbers of people were killed and tortured as their villages burned to the ground. Natives hoping to save their lives retreated to the Jungles in search of safety. During this time, many of their customs, traditions, and skills were lost.


Guatemala Today

The United Nations negotiated a peace accord in 1996. Since this time, Guatemala has experienced some Economic Growth with a new, democratic government. Despite these positive gains, the country continues to suffer from the countless years of poor leadership, war, poverty, and persecution. Today, much of Guatemala has stagnated at the hands of disease, famine, and corruption. 





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