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Brian Goff Smith

Founder & Physician

Brian joined the Peace Corps after completing his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering. He loved the town he was assigned so much, he signed up for an extension and lived in Chisec, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala for 4 years as a Peace Corps volunteer. Work during that time included income generation projects, communal clothing wash stations with natural wastewater treatment ponds, ecotourism sites, and household rainwater capture system installations. He purchased a parcel of land before leaving Guatemala, with plans to go to medical school, build a clinic with his closest friends, and work in Chisec as a physician for the rest of his life. Today, he splits his time between Santa Fe, NM as an outpatient Family Medicine Physician with inpatient OB and Pediatrics and travels to Chisec every month.



Enfermero Auxiliar, Patient Coordinator

Reginaldo, or "Reggie," is the backbone of the CHILA Team. He is a Qeqchi Maya paramedic who is bilingual in Spanish and Qeqchi. Brian met Reggie during an ER Shift at a local Health Center. After seeing his work ethic & ability to stay "calm-in-the-storm," Brian offered him a job. Reginaldo wears multiple hats: he visits patients in their homes, coordinates lab work/imaging studies, and is able to handle difficult patients & cases. Reginaldo plants to attend Nursing School.

Dr. Juan Oliva


Dr. Oliva, A Guatemalan Physician originally from Guatemala City, works in the Alta Verapaz region, mostly in Emergency Medicine. He is part of the CHILA Team and helps with difficult cases & the coordination of care when necessary.


Herbal Medicine

Ricardo is a Qeqchi Maya from the Village of Pecajba, about 20 km outside of Chisec, with over 40 years of experience with Qeqchi traditional herbal medicine. He has provided Qeqchi traditional medicine consultation for over 10 years at CHILA. His patients love him.


Scott Rowland


Scott, a co-founder of CHILA, INC., is a returned Peace Corps volunteer who previously served in Chisec. While in the Peace Corps, Scott fell in love with the area and its people. Every year, he participates in multiple trips, coordinates fundraising events, acquires medical equipment & supply donations, and serves as a Spanish/English/Qeqchi interpreter. The local children love him! During CHILA's early stages, Scott said, "Don't Worry about them Brian, find people that believe in your mission, keep them around, and forget all the rest."

Will Mullins

Multitalented Virtuoso

Will Mullins is a multi-talented virtuoso from East Tennessee. His skills include masonry, electrical installations, construction, and fundraising, just to name a few. Will has been a supporter of CHILA, Inc. from its humble beginnings. Brian & Will met when Will's wife, Amber, was in medical school with Brian.


Amber Mullins


Amber Mullins, M.D., is an OBGYN who has been a part of CHILA since its formation. She loves helping the women of Chisec address health concerns related to GYN and Pregnancy. Amber's dream is to build an operating room at CHILA so patients will not have to travel 2 hours to Coban.



Rene Dionisio - "Tzutu Kan"

Multitalented Rapper, Artist, & Friend 

, SoundCloudRene, or Tzutu Kan, is the multi-talented Tzutujil Maya Rapper/Artist/Friend who painted the mural on the front of CHILA's clinic. His music includes collaborations with Warrior Kandela & Colectivo 13 Lunas. His art can be seen all over Guatemala & throughout Latin America. Rene accompanies groups on trips to Chisec when help is needed. Check out his Music, Here: BandCamp, and MySpace.



Peter Rohloff -"Wuqu' Kawoq"

Physician & Mentor

CHILA, Inc. Looks to "Wuqu Kawoq" for guidance on how to effectively & Efficiently deliver healthcare to Mayan Patients in their native language. With over 15 years of experience, Peter's nonprofit, Wuqu' Kawoq, is one of the most respected in the region. Brian frequently calls Peter for advice and guidance from both the U.S. and Chisec. For more information on Wuau Kawaq, please visit their website: Wuqu' Kawoq.



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